19 July, 2024

Regional Centre



• Development of customized publicity materials for learner support centres in regional language/specific target groups.
• Community engagement activities in rural, tribal, minorities groups and slum areas in collaboration with local actors to explore customized solutions- Some Initiatives e.g. Khula Manch, Nukkad Natak, IGNOU Gram Choupal, Collaborative initiatives with Gram Panchayat, NGOs etc
• Developing rapport with students from conventional institutions by way of collaborative sensitization programmes in their career guidance cells
• Exploring support of District Administration to enhance reach of IGNOU’s Programmes
• Live interactive programmes through Doordarshan, AIR , Local cable networks, TV Channels etc
• Using social media to for wider publicity
• Regular Press conferences during admission cycles and field visits
• Active participation in Media Coordination Committees
• Promotion of IGNOU Programme for transgenders , for women in slums and minority communities in collaboration with their representative organizations.
• Exploring the possibilities to serve the training needs of Government Departments through IGNOU’s academic programmes. Some-initiatives: Police department for CAHT programme, Banks for PGDT programme, Higher Education Department for value added programme for 18 – 24 year youth, CES/CTPM/CPLT/DPE for in-service teachers,
• Pre-admission counselling

• Publicity measures are being undertaken to effectively publicize IGNOU Programmes. Developed and distributed posters, leaflets and brochures in both English and Hindi for Programmes of IGNOU along with the detailed List of Learner Support Centres to promote awareness about IGNOU Programmes.
• Extensive use of SMS services to inform the learners about confirmation of admission, re-registration, examination, counselling, etc.
• An exclusive section deals with student support related matters, such as change of Programme, Medium, Course, Elective, Record Rectification, Change of Study Centre/Regional Centre etc.
• Student grievances received electronically or through HQs, are promptly resolved
• Open meetings are regularly conducted with the students at RC and also at LSCs for obtaining direct feedback and also for immediate redressal of the problems.
• Orientation Programmes for the Academic Counsellors and LSC functionaries are regularly conducted to apprise them of the guidelines and norms of University as also to ensure effective delivery of learner support services.
• Coordination with Schools/Institutions for popularizing IGNOU Programmes.
• Induction meetings of newly enrolled and meetings of prospective learners at LSCs.

• Financial activities: Budget planning, processing and release of payment for bills related to LSCs & RC staff, monthly financial reconciliations and preparation of monthly financial reports of the region
• Administrative activities: Maintenance of all types of administrative records as per standard procedures, service/legal matters, Purchases & Maintenance of Equipments & Infrastructure related to LSCs/RC , Annual Stock Verification etc
• Appointment of daily-wage manpower as per requirements of office, hiring security services, maintenance of building, electricity supply, monitoring of resulting expenditures and budget control etc
• Administration of LSCs including staff appointments, performance appraisals etc
• Implementation of standard guidelines for protection of women against sexual harassment, anti ragging provisions, provisions for physically challenged persons etc


Extension and Training:
• Gender sensitization through special programmes by way of highlighting success stories of accomplished women and honoring them in specially organized functions
• UBA: 50 Tribal Girls from adopted village Kathiwada & Saida in Alirajpur were trained in hospitality sector through SOTHSM-TC and were given placement by MP Tourism.
• Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: Organization of various activities and drives for cleanliness, awareness drive amongst ODL students to sensitize them about Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.
• Special initiatives for the education of Deaf and Mute students through SOTSHM
• Organization of health check up and Blood donation camps, various days like International Yoga Day & Women’s Day