05 December, 2020

Regional Centre


Admission of learners in more than 100 programmes/courses run by the University

  • Providing Academic Support & Services to Learners through Study Centres/Programme Study Centres, viz:
  • Arrangement of Counselling sessions
  • Practical sessions




  • Providing Audio/Video and Library facility to learners
  • Assignment response evaluationOrganise Extended Contact Programmes, Workshops for BEd learners, Counselling for BEd, Orientation Programmes of Academic Counsellors, and Seminars/Conferences
  • Regional Computer Lab (RCL) is operational for MCA/BCA/CIC/PGDLAN and other computer related programmes at Regional Centre premises
  • Arrangement for Term End Examinations, Entrance examination and Practical exam. at Study centers and RCL
  • Collecting assignment marks/grades from SCs and transmitting it to Hqrs.; Project evaluation, conduction of viva-voce of MCA, BCA learners
  • Administration of existing Study Centres & Identification and activation of new Study Centres
  • Identification of Academic Counsellors and their renewal
  • Organising regional Convocation, Coordinators Meeting
  • Organise Interactive Radio Counselling from AIR, Bhopal on 2nd and 5th Sunday of every month
  • Teleconferencing – A one-way Video and two-way audio interactive system, utilized for Counselling etc.
  • EDUSAT – Computer supported and satellite based nation-wide network, providing both way video and audio facility for counseling, workshop, training, meeting etc.

Non-Academic Activities:


  • Accounts department of RC is engaged in administrating/maintaining/operating the various accounts of Regional Centre and more than 40 study centers. This section also own the responsibility of releasing salary for RC and Study centers’ staff
  • General Administration Deptt. of RC effectively looks after the administrative matters pertain to staff, building maintenance, furniture, maintenance of equipments.


Special Activities


  • Publicity & Promotional Activities through:
  • Frequent Press Meetings in various districts of Madhya Pradesh state
  • Publishing articles/news on Print media, i.e. Daily News Papers, Magazines
  • Interview/ Presentation on Electronic Medium i.e. Doordarshan, ETV, RAJ TV, SAHARA TV etc.
  • Collaboration/MOU with State Govt. Departments, Higher Education Deptt. and other Academic Institutions with the objective to provide higher education to target group at their doorsteps
  • Providing career guidance to IGNOU learners and other job seeker
  • Taking initiative for placement of learners in various offices/ institutions/ companies
  • Coordinate with GYANVANI (FM Radio) Bhopal and Indore stations