19 January, 2022

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Regarding Exam Form for BCSL-091 of CMAD of SOCIS

11 June, 2021

SOCIS received confirmation from SED that BCSL-091 (Laboratory Course) of CMAD (Certificate in Mobile Application Development) of SOCIS is included in the Examination form for June 2021 TEE. All the learners of CMAD need to apply for BCSL-091 also in addition to BCS-091, BCS-092, BCS-093, and BCS-094. So, in total , all CMAD learners need to fill in June 2021 TEE Examination Form for  BCS-091, BCS-092, BCS-093 , BCS-094 and BCSL-091 

You are requested to circulate across all RCs which are offering CMAD with a request to forward it to all LSCs offering CMAD as well as to all learners of CMAD

Please get in touch with CMAD programme Coordinator at cmad@ignou.ac.in  ,   pvsuresh@ignou.ac.in    in case of any doubts.