17 August, 2022

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Interactive radio counseling session Schedule August 2021

19 August, 2021

 This is to inform that the Interactive radio counseling session can be accessed through radio at the frequency 105.6 Mhz and also through web at the link gd.ignouonline.ac.in/gyandhara. The phone numbers for interaction are—01129533581, 01129536131, 29533103 and 1800112347.

The sessions for 20th August 2021 are:  
Topic: Human resource development for Water harvesting and Watershed Management
Expert: Dr. Mukesh Kumar, SOA
2) 11.30am--12pm
Topic: Human resource development for food safety and quality
Expert: Prof M K Salooja, SOA
3) 12pm—1pm
Topic: Bangala aur Hindi ka sanskritik evam Sahityik Paridrishya
Expert: Dr. H K Sethi & Dr. Jyoti Chawla, SOTST
The sessions for 21st August 2021 are:  
1) 12pm—1pm
Topic: Aadhunik Sahitya ki Prishthabhoomi 
Expert: Dr.Shambhu Nath Mishra, SOH
The sessions for 22nd August 2021 are:  
1) 12pm—1pm
Topic: Student Support Services
Expert: Dr  Indrani Lahiri, RC Delhi 3
The sessions for 23rd August 2021 are:  
Topic: Disaster Management Cycle with focus on preparedness,prevention and mitigation
Expert: Dr S Kanal, SOSS
Topic: Editing STM Books : Some Preliminary Considerations'. (PGDBP)
Expert: Dr  Malathy A, SOH
Topic: PG Diploma in Development Communication and PG Diploma in Digital Media
Expert: Dr Ramesh Yadav & Prof K S Arul Selvan, SOJNMS